A Gradual Bottoming Out

“When I imagined my career in dentistry, I never thought it would include helping addicted dentists …like me!”

I had been a successful dental specialist for many years, but never in my carefully laid out plans for the future had I included recovering from narcotic addiction. Thankfully, others had been through this ordeal before and had “planned” my recovery for me. Dentists Concerned for Dentists (DCD) had a plan for me, and it was neither original nor unique to me.

My path into the hell of addiction was very gradual, an insidious process that took me from casual drug and alcohol use to full blown narcotic addiction. It took years for me to reach my “bottom”, as it’s known. I didn’t know how to help myself, and I hated where my life had gone. Out of control, my life no longer felt like my own. When my partners finally confronted me about my drug use, I was actually intensely relieved to be allowed, at long last, to stop living the lie. The problem at that point was: Now what?

A phone call to DCD was my first step toward a return to sanity. I would like to say I had the courage to make the call, but that was not the case. My long-time partners, who cared about me, made the call. Thus began a long, difficult, but amazing journey to a better place than I had been for years, perhaps ever! I went through an inpatient treatment program and became very active in “twelve step” meetings, which I continue to attend regularly. DCD and a twelve step recovery program helped me find my way back to personal sanity and a peace in my life that had been missing for a very long time. I have now been blessed with quite a few years of sobriety, and I am truly grateful to all the people who helped me make this miracle come true.

One of the most meaningful things in my recovery has been the opportunity to help other human beings find their way out of the hell of addiction. I have been lucky enough to be approached directly by a few dentists looking for help. If you think you may need help with an alcohol or other drug problem, a call to DCD will give us the opportunity to help you, and thereby strengthen our own recoveries. Please let us help. You will not be judged, and you’ll be given an opportunity to change your life, and ours … for the better.

DCD member

For confidential help, or to ask any questions you may have concerning DCD, please call (651) 275-0313 in the Twin Cities area or (800) 632-7643 toll-free out-state.

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