About DCD

Dentists Concerned for Dentists (DCD) is a group of recovering alcoholic and chemically dependent dentists concerned about other dentists who are having problems with alcohol and/or other mood-altering drugs.

The primary goal of DCD is to assist dentists in getting the help they need to continue practicing dentistry without receiving sanctions from the State Board of Dentistry.

DCD is NOT affiliated with the Minnesota Board of Dentistry. Although we receive some of our funding from the Minnesota Dental Association, we are a completely separate organization in all other ways. We function under a strict code of confidentiality. No information regarding the people we become involved with is shared with the Minnesota Dental Association or the State Board of Dentistry.

Our primary purpose is to help dentists struggling with alcohol and/or other drug problems, and provide supportive services and educational resources to them, their families, and their colleagues. We have found that the problems of substance use gets worse, never better without help. Seeking our help is a much better alternative to potential problems with the Board of Dentistry.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.